About Negris Group

What is known today as Negris Group started 35 years ago as Negris Limited and has since grown to become a group of four companies with “Negris Group” as the parent company.

Our Vision

“To maintain the leadership position as the foremost indigenous energy industry contractor”

The Negris Network

Negris employs, trains and maintains a highly skilled technical and administrative workforce, made up of Nigerians and expatriates. In addition to this, Negris can call upon its numerous Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) affiliates to provide the necessary specialist support during any phase of a contract.

Negris has successfully completed projects associated with pipelines, flow stations, gas plants, oil production platforms, power stations and water injection platforms. Our proven technical competence and experience in the industry resulted in Negris being one of the first companies in Nigeria to be granted a license to build and operate an independent power plant (IPP)

Negris’ ability to meet the needs of our clients, from local representation to technical support agreements, is facilitated by our association with various OEMs and service providers, Our affiliates include;

  • Solar Turbines Incorporated, USA
  • Stone & Webster Limited, UK
  • Brush Electrical Machines, UK
  • Ruhrpumpen GmbH, Germany
  • Osprey Shipping UK Limited
  • Diamond Offshore
  • Severn UNIVAL, UK


Our Mission

“To provide services and expertise that enhances customers’ plants and facilities at optimum cost-of-ownership while remaining friendly to the environment”.


The Negris Strategic Business Units

Negris recently restructured, to enable its existing divisions to operate as stand-alone Strategic Business Units (SBUs). The decision to restructure was based on the need to offer an increasing range of services to our clients, adapt to the ever-growing market, and further our continuing success and growth.


Negris Group now offers services through four subsidiaries:

OKIPP LTD – Oku Iboku Pulp & Paper Limited

ENCON PLC – Energy Company of Nigeria, Plc

PERL LTD – Portland Electrical Repairs Limited




The traditional core capabilities and competencies of the Negris Group are in the inter-related areas of:

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Contract & Project management
  • Mechanical/electrical installation
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Operation and Maintenance


Based on gas and diesel reciprocating engines, turbines and their associated ancillary equipment for power generation applications in the oil, gas and energy sectors of the Nigerian economy